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Partial list of ingredients

Egg Phospholipids Ovolife|

Egg Phospholipid fatty acids AA and DHA provide health benefits for brain, eye and immunity, in early life and growing up stages.

Granachol | Oxylent

Formulation based on pomegranate polyphenols and natural statins.


The leading vegetable fatbinder! This is a unique, non-animal chitosan dedicated to the health nutrition industry.

KiOnutrime® Protect|

High purity insoluble beta(1,3)-glucan.

OmniVin – Grape seed extracts|

Grapes have been praised since ancient times for their beneficial effect on human health. Today polyphenols present in grape seeds and red wine are implicated in the so-called French Paradox, a term referring to the observation that although dietary fat intake in France is similar to many other European countries (e.g. Germany), the incidence of cardiovascular disease is significantly lower.

Combining a careful selection of raw materials with a unique extraction technology, OmniChem has developed a range of grape seed extracts matching the specific requirements of the food and nutraceutical industry.

Due to our specific extraction process we are able to produce a particularly suitable blend of low, medium and high molecular weight fractions that gives our different types of grape seed extracts a unique performance profile.

ProMeat Plus LS|

Salt (Sodium) reduction, natural meat preservation.

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