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Enzybel International is the world leader in the extraction and purification of plant proteases. The company offers the latest technology in the refining and the spray-drying so as to provide its partners with the highest market standards in papain, bromelain, ficin and actinidin for food, petfood, feed, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. Beside its production of plant proteases, Enzybel International developed 2 new activities oriented towards the wastewater treatment with enzymes and bacteria and the use of snail extracts in cosmetic and food application.



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Bromelain is a plant-derived enzyme extracted from the stems and fruits of the pineapple. Its action has been proposed for various health disorders like inflammation of soft-tissue injuries or arthritis and, combined with chemotherapy, it helps to reduce side-effects due to radiation treatments and inhibits cancer cell growth.


Papain is a protease extracted from the fruit of Carica papaya. Beside its conventional use as digestive aid, this enzyme has anti-inflammatory properties by reducing painful joint and prostate inflammations and could support the immune system in cancer treatments by modulating leukocytes during an immune response.

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