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Galactic is a leading producer of lactic acid and lactates serving the food, feed, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial markets. With headquarters in Belgium and production facilities in Europe (Belgium), Asia (China) and America (USA), Galactic is commercially active in more than 65 countries. Galactic offers innovative solutions in a wide range of applications, with a focus on natural food ingredients, green chemistry and PLA through Futerro, a joint-venture with Total Petrochemicals



Partial list of ingredients


Lactic acid solutions in various grades, enable a natural acidification.


Sodium and Potassium lactates, various grades.


Mineral enriched lactates (Ferrous, Zinc Magnesium...) Mineral enrichment.


Calcium lactate. Bones strengthener.


Various food blends based on lactates.

ProDough Adagio

Natural baking powder.

ProMeat Adagio

Natural meat acidification, natural meat preservation.

ProMeat Plus

Natural food preservation, food safety.

ProMeat Plus LS

Salt (Sodium) reduction, natural meat preservation.

Red & Fresh

Natural food preservation, food safety for fresh meat.

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